Friday, 8 March 2013

Cowl Neck

Here is my first attempt at a cowl scarf thingy....

It was simple to make just using granny stitches. I love how the stitches and colours came out but the size is all wrong -its too big to fit snuggly round your neck but too small to go around it twice.
You live, you learn!


  1. I love the colours, Coby! Is it at all stretchy? Maybe you can use it as a waistband for layering? I don't know if they're call waistbands actually... but they were kind of popular when we were in high school. Just a circular piece of stretchy material to wear around your waist/hips so you got an extra pop of colour when you put your shorter top on. *Shrugs*

  2. Thanks Ling :-) That's a really good idea that I never would have thought of! Its not super stretchy but it fits round my waist so I can def use it as a waistband thingy if I can work out what clothes to wear it with...


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