Thursday, 13 June 2013

ATM Doorways and Bikinis

Another regular item I want to introduce around these parts is an ATM. No not the hole in the wall you're thinking about, where you service all your cash needs but a "what I'm up to At The Moment" -or what I've been working on recently.

First up is a crochet garland to brighten up our apartments front door. I was inspired here through pinterest and from this lovely little lady's door.

I've been Cooking with Spargel! I actually made this mushroom and asparagus, polenta based tart from the Bojon Gourmet Blog. I made it a bit less gourmet by using button mushrooms instead of shitake and there was no truffle salt in sight, but it was still very yummy! It's the first time I've made polenta that didn't taste like meh -am I doing it wrong or is plain polenta just not nice?? (My spellcheck doesn't like polenta and wants me to change it to tadpole based tart, hmm doesn't sound as good).

The aforementioned crochet bikini. A little wonky but coming along ok! I had some problems to begin with which involved the bikini decreasing too quickly, and a lot of questions involving far too much laughter from my friends about how my itty bitty bikini was coming along! I sorted that problem out only to be stuck again at the moment, not sure if there is a mistake in the pattern or I just can't read it properly...
Would you wear a crochet bikini?


  1. Aw shucks! The garland looks great! And the tart looks so beautiful! You're such a crochet wiz now! Can't believe you're making a bikini! Are you going to wear it?

    1. Thanks! I was really happy with how the tart turned out cos I'm not really much of a cook :-/ I'm undecided about wearing the bikini! I wasn't going to but now it seems silly to make it and not wear it. I will see how it fits when it's finished I guess...


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