Thursday, 20 December 2012

Crochet bowl

Here is another result of my exploration into the world of crochet -a simple soft bowl.

I have been wanting something to put my jewelery and hair clips into for a little while now and when I saw some crochet baskets and bowls floating around on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to make one.

Some of my inspiration...
 Left from Les Tissus Colbert and Right from My Country Cottage Garden

The result...

I found this bowl easy to make as you only need to know how to make the single crochet stitch and increase. Bunny mummy has a good tutorial here to make similar bowls.  I don't like counting the rounds though, so mine is free style! I used a polyacrylic yarn (I fell in love with the colour and had to use it regardless of what it was made from!) so my bowl is quite soft, but it holds its shape well enough for my purpose. What do you think?



  1. That's awesome Coby! And the colour's lovely! My friend made one out of strips of material using a giant crochet hook. She uses it to hold her yarn! =)

    1. Thanks :-) That sounds really cool! I want to make a crochet rug out of fabric strips one day...


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