Sunday, 30 December 2012

Shop Update Bikinis!

While it isn't really bikini weather here in Bonn at the moment, seeing the latest bright additions to my shop (and the Facebook posts from my Australian family and friends) I really wish it was!

Lots of bandeau style strapless bikinis -available in the shop now :-)


Thursday, 20 December 2012

Crochet bowl

Here is another result of my exploration into the world of crochet -a simple soft bowl.

I have been wanting something to put my jewelery and hair clips into for a little while now and when I saw some crochet baskets and bowls floating around on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to make one.

Some of my inspiration...
 Left from Les Tissus Colbert and Right from My Country Cottage Garden

The result...

I found this bowl easy to make as you only need to know how to make the single crochet stitch and increase. Bunny mummy has a good tutorial here to make similar bowls.  I don't like counting the rounds though, so mine is free style! I used a polyacrylic yarn (I fell in love with the colour and had to use it regardless of what it was made from!) so my bowl is quite soft, but it holds its shape well enough for my purpose. What do you think?


Tuesday, 18 December 2012


At the start of this month we got some proper snow, it snowed for a whole day covering everything in white. It only lasted a few days and now it is all gone but luckily I got some photos so I can remember how pretty everything was...

Even barbed wire looks pretty under some snow!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Rear Guard

From; Bound & Determined: A Visual History of Corsets, 1850--1960

I thought I'd share this fascinating Ad from 1942 for "wonderful Jantzen panty-girdles" from the book Bound & Determined: A Visual History of Corsets. The underwear women wear today seem so free when compared with some of the corsets which were commonplace in the past. Corsets were a way to achieve a desired shape, usually a cinched waist and flat stomach. This, however, came with the price of discomfort and restriction. To look your best for an occasion -sure but for everyday, no thanks!

Stuff You Missed in History Class have done a fun podcast on corsets and things, if you are interested you can check it out here.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Neuschwanstein Castle

My Mother in Law is visiting and seeing as she has come the long way from Australia to Europe we did some travelling with her. The first thing on the list was Neuschwanstein Schloss. This is the castle which is cited as inspiration for the Disney castle. It was built by a King Ludwig II of Bavaria who was declared crazy and died a mysterious death before he could completely finish the castle. As a result only some of the rooms inside the castle are complete and the incredible throne room is missing its throne.  King Ludwig's bedroom was one of the first rooms to be finished. It has its own ensuite bathroom, very advanced for its time, complete with running water and a green leather flushing toilet!
We did a tour and the finished parts of the interior are amazing but unfortunately you aren't allowed to take any photos inside the castle.

This is his Dad's castle, we ran out of time to see it up close as we did a day drip from Munich.

A fabulously kitschy house in the little town near the castles.

It was starting to get dark by the time we headed off. November isn't the best time to go, as it is cold and gets dark early but we did avoid the crowds!


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Crochet Adventures

A friend recently taught me how to crochet (Thanks Audrey!). She started me off with the very basics -making a slip knot, chain and single crochet. The plan was to make a small amigurumi style bunny with the pattern from Bunny Mummy -Here (it includes quite a good tutorial for beginners).  Being my first ever crochet project the tension was not quite right and instead of a nice round bunny head I got something more elongated. Looking at it I decided it looked like a snakes head so instead of making the small bunny body I kept on crocheting and made a snake! I think it turned out really well for my first ever crochet project :-)

It's now on its the way to my little niece in Australia!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Etsy Spotlight - Andies Speciality Sweets

Aren't they totally amazingly beautiful? I thought those buttons were real... I'm sure they taste delicious as well. They come in flavours like peppermint and vanilla....
Available from Andies Speciality Sweets on Etsy.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Walking in the Waldweg

After a cold misty morning the sun decided to come out this afternoon and I decided to go for a walk in the nearby forest.

 I got a bit excited over how many different types of mushroom/fungi I saw...

On the way I passed these lovely horses. They came up to the fence to see if I was offering any food. Quickly realising I only had my camera to offer, one turned around, lifted up its tail then proceeded to fart at me!!!

PS If you like this post you should check out Resurrection Fern.

The Last Flohmarkt

Last weekend we rode to the last Rheinaue Flohmarkt for this year. It is one of the biggest Flea Markets in Germany. Its held once a month from August to October in the beautiful Rheinaue Park in Bonn. Unfortunately I only got one photo, of just a small part of the market but you can see the line of people and stuff for sale goes around the paths and up the hill. It was a rare gorgeous day weather-wise, the autumn leaves were amazing and I was actually getting hot in the sun! I was looking for a wicker basket or a radio but ended up with a lovely fruity scarf instead :-)
Flea Market in Rheinaue Park Bonn


Friday, 12 October 2012

Thrift Shop

I came across this great song a little while ago on Animal Head Vintage's blog. I immediately loved it.
(Warning -bad language...)

Not only does it embody my love of thrifiting (Thats a hella bargain Bitch!) but its just an awesome song. Gets me pumped everytime I hear it!
To quote a friend "Man production on that is great, filmclips great, and then a combo of sax sample and natedogg style hook. Win!"
Hope you enjoy it too.

Always be yourself


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Shop Update

Now in the shop! Summers not too far away for all you southern hemisphere peeps, and I'm offering free shipping worldwide!!
Retro Red Plaid Bikini

Nautical Stripes Bikini
Purple Stripes Bikini


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Living In: Only You - Inspired

I love the "Living In" series Design*Sponge run. If you haven't come across them, they take great movies and then, using them as inspiration for style (both fashion and interior), show some similar items which are available in shops now.  The latest movie to be inspired by is Only You, a nineties rom-com that I can't believe I haven't seen before.

In honour of that awesome black shirt dress, (which is very similar to one in my shop!) here's my cut down version of the Living In concept.


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

How to rock It

I just stumbled across this great ensemble through Pinterest (Yes I'm addicted!) and thought it would be a great way to wear one of the scarves in my shop...

The Outfit

The Vintage Scarf


Saturday, 12 May 2012

Shop Update

High waist tailored shorts in a pretty pastel greeny-blue and a chocolate brown.  Circa 80s -90s. The pastel one has sweet mother of pearl shell buttons and both the shorts are a light wool blend.
I can imagine Vivian from Pretty Woman wearing either of these shorts (once she has her make-over into a classy lady!)
Check them out in the shop now :-)


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Etsy Spotlight -Cleaner Science

I want to start a new section on this little blog which puts a spotlight on amazing stuff I'm loving from Etsy and as soon as I saw these I knew they were perfect to start off with!

Did you guess they were soap?! Made to look like petri dishes, blood cells or test tubes. These are soaps to remind you why you are washing... Each comes with information on the bacteria they are modeled on -but don't worry they are bacteria free! You can get them now from Cleaner Science.

Saturday, 28 April 2012


Sooooo Pretty...

Thats what I thought when I saw these photos showcasing Lydra's new collection of bags. I love the fact that these bags are not only beautiful and one of a kind but also that all of Lydra's products are made from pre-loved fabrics which are produced and sourced locally. Keeping a strong emphasis on preserving the environment. That is just awesome :-)


Friday, 27 April 2012

Shop Update & Preview!

80s Purple Patent Belt -- 80s Purple Chiffon Scarf
 I think this belt would be perfect to cinch in a pretty dress or a button up oxford shirt! The scarf is so floaty and has an amazing 80s geometric print in a wicked colour combination. Both in the Shop now!
90s Navy Bag -- 90s Cactus Print Scarf
These two are a sneak peak and will be in the shop soon. This scarf has such a fun print with potted cacti and blue hats. The dark blue cross body/shoulder bag is super cute and I've had to fight temptation to keep it for myself....

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Clothing should amplify a person, not create one.

"Clothing is our expression of self, our bodies are the one thing we control exclusively. Clothing should amplify a person, not create one. I am bored of androgeny, I think we need the equal and opposite: intensify the masculine and the feminine, all at once. I love the beauty of the past, we all draw on if for our inspiration and should give credit where it's due..."
Rachel Freire

Images from Rachel Freire.

Does your clothing amplify You?

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Shop Update

Some darker beauties, perfect for those of you experiencing autumn in the southern hemisphere.

Nineties black maxi sleeveless shirt dress. Black taffeta maxi skirt and burgundy tulle maxi skirt.
All available in the shop Now!