Sunday, 17 March 2013

Free Shipping in Germany!!

A couple of German based Etsy sellers have come up with the great idea of holding a joint promotion to highlight the growing number of German Etsy shops. Participating shops (including mine!) are offering free shipping for orders within Germany for the whole month of March (I got in on the action a little late...).
Just use the coupon code "versandfuerumme" when checking out for free shipping anywhere in Deutschland!!

These are some of the great shops I've discovered through this initiative;

What are you waiting for - get shopping!


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Plait Ear Warmer / Headband DIY

Growing up I had a beanie or two, I used to wear them in winter sometimes. They were more a fashion statement than anything else though. It wasn't until I moved to Germany (ie a climate which has really COLD winters) that I actually "got" what the beanie was about. That is was actually a very functional accessory, necessary to keep you from getting brain freeze (which doesn't only occur from eating ice cream I have discovered!) and to stop your ears turning into lumps of ice.  Then I discovered ear warmers. The beanies little sister, when you want to avoid aforementioned ice ears but perhaps aren't feeling the commitment of a whole hat. So naturally I wanted one, but I had also just discovered crochet and wanted to make one myself. And so can you!

Step One -Choose your yarn, I went for two colours but you can do three or one...

Step 2 - Crochet three long strands using double or triple crochet -you want them longer than the circumference of  your head.

Step Four -Plait the strands. I used a peg to secure the ends while I did this.

Step Five - Sew the ends together so its one continuous plait.


Now enjoy your warmer forehead and ears!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Cowl Neck

Here is my first attempt at a cowl scarf thingy....

It was simple to make just using granny stitches. I love how the stitches and colours came out but the size is all wrong -its too big to fit snuggly round your neck but too small to go around it twice.
You live, you learn!