Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Taking Stock

Hello there!
Things have been a bit quiet around here lately. I've been sick and life got a bit on top of me, but I have some exciting news coming up soon!

And on another note - Do you read Meet me at Mikes? It's a great little blog by a super lovely Aussie lady and I thought I'd do some sharing using her Taking Stock List for this month;

Making : Crochet blanket
Cooking : Pizza
Drinking : Lot's of water I can't seem to get enough lately
Reading: Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf
Wanting: to have more fun!
Looking: out my back window at the green trees and hill
Playing: Agricola 
Wasting: Lot's of time on Pinterest 
Fixing: up everything ready for our move back to Aus 
Deciding: How to ship all my things back to Aus
Wishing: I was in Aus already!
Enjoying: Time spent with friends
Waiting: until I can share my big news
Liking: Autumn
Wondering: What I will miss from Germany
Loving: My Husband
Pondering: What the next year will bring
Considering: What to do with my life
Watching: Channel 101
Hoping: Everything goes smoothly
Marvelling: At the change of seasons
Needing: To Dance
Smelling: Pizza in the Oven
Wearing: Warm looking sweaters (apparently!)
Noticing: All the berries everywhere
Knowing: I will miss my Friends here
Thinking: about the Future
Feeling: Much Happier
Admiring: My mother, for her strength
Buying: Things from the markets
Getting: Older
Bookmarking: Too many practical websites!
Opening: My door as often as the weather will allow
Giggling: Not enough
Feeling: impatient

Swedish Tea Strainer and Red Rose Earrings from the Rheinaue Flea market
PS How sweet are my Flea market find Tea strainer and earrings!



  1. I love the tea strainer! So cute! And I can't believe you're leaving soon! Must be exciting... but so so stressful! I'm not looking forward to when it's our turn!

  2. It is stressful!! But I'm so looking forward to moving back home :-)


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